doggydocks floating water ramp for dogs

doggydocks® Floating Water Ramp for Dogs

by PupGear Corporation, quickly attaches to your boat platform, dock, or swimming pool and allows dogs of any size and weight to climb out of the water easily. doggydocks® is our dog boat ramp, dog boat ladder, dog swim step, and pool ramp for dogs.

doggydocks® has many names: dog boat ramp, dog boat steps, doggydock, dog boat dock, doggy boat ramp and dog ladder for boats. Do not be confused. doggydocks® by PupGear is so durable it can support the biggest and heaviest breeds of dogs as they easily walk out of the water and back onto your boat leaving the ladder free for you to use.

doggydocks® is better than a doggy boat, or a doggy ladder because dogs are not designed to climb ladders. It is designed to simulate a shoreline and attach to boat platforms, boat docks or a pool platform.

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